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Berlin: family searches for Korean inhouse assisst. for ten hrs weekly babysitt.
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Subject: Berlin: family searches for Korean inhouse assisst. for ten hrs weekly babysitt.
Betreff: Berlin-based German-Americ. family needs a Kor. inhouse assist. for their kids ans for talbuk-related research

Anjeong hashimnika, dear reader!

We, a German professor and her German-American husband who both research on topics related to talbuk and their country, are searching for an inhouse assistant who

a) takes care of bringing our kids to their kindergarden and picks them up every day of the week around 8 am o r 2 pm, in total ten hours a week, 40 hrs a month 
b) supports our research on topics related to talbuk when we need support (copying lit., translating, traveling)

II. Must have -requirements
Your must have
-time to work with us for at minimum ten hours a week as a team member from September or October 2015 to at minimum September or October 2016. Another half year would be great, but this is the minimum requirment.
-a warm heart, a clear mind and a strong sense for acting responsibly
-the feeling of joy about taking care of kids
-a strong sense for acting friendly and careful while taking care of our kids but are not too afraid of things around you in a foreign country like drunken persons or unnormal situations, it is Berlin you might will move to
-a stable psyche, because you deal with our kids and us and you live in our home
-love taking care of kids and have experience in it
-advanced English skills for talking English with our oldest son and for translating Korean into English for our research
-an open mind and skills to discuss problems and to reflect different points of view
- a career path like for example currently being a bachelor student, a master student or a doctoral student of social work, social sciences or social psychology, east asian studies, criminology, social policy or law
- the ability to give non-emotionally feedbacks in case of problems and to talk openly about problems in our cooperation so that we can work on them for professionalizing our relation. This we offer also, of course.

The deal
You can live in one of our 20 sqm Altbau-Zimmer. Moreover, you can use our living room and our kitchen. The rent is 500 Euros in total, but we deduct your honorary from it. You have a minimum workload of 10 (ten) hrs a week taking care of our kids that we pay with 9 euros per hour. Considering the latter, you pay only 140 Euros per month for living with us. However, every higher amount of work will be paid also with 9 hrs euros per hour. Anyway, we will register you with the German authorities and you have to write us invoices and you will have an insurance during the time working for us.
This deal will be written in form of a contract that we all sign.

Benefits beside your payment
-recommendation letter for your academic career, issued by a German professor who has developed ties to Korean Min. of Unification and to Korean professors, including one SNU professor, she cooperates with
-offer of becoming your 2nd doctoral supervisor for a doctoral thesis regarding issues of talbuk migration to other countires and identity issues, perhaps social work issues
-our German and Korean network will support you, if we had a good cooperation before regarding our shared work
-living with an open minded German-American family in Berlin
-establishing a long-term network cooperation

1. You contact us and describe, if our requirements match with your bio and your personality
2.  we skype
3. if we show interest in you and you already live in Germany, we meet you in person or our Korean friends will meet you in Seoul for a further interview that we will watch by skype

Dear Korean reader, chongmal komapsumnida for reading our request.

a German-American family from Berlin
a family from berlin
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