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i hope to meet German friends-!
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saetbyul (Former member) #1
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Subject: i hope to meet German friends-!

sorry,, im not fluent German speaker.. so i write english..

next month i'm gonna go to Germany.
i'll stay about a year in Dusseldorf..
if you live in there and are interested in Korea,,
Pls send me e-mail..
I really hope to meet German friends, improve my German, know German's life :D
(although you dont live Dusseldorf, i welcome e-pal friends..)
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Eul-Soon (Former member) #2
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Hello Saetbyul,

i am from Kiel, close to Hamburg. I hope u like Germany - Düsseldorf. Its a nice place, specially because there are so many big cities close to it.

Maybe we can write a little bit, but sometimes it need awhile till i answer, because i am very bussy with my job.

I like to hear about Korea and the traditions :-)). Maybe i can tell u than about Germans life???? U write u stay one year? Whes are u start to come? 

My other eMail Adresse:

I read this account more than my adresse ;-))

Hope to hear from u soon :-))

Sunny Greetings from Germany Kiel,

PS: @Igel: Einen ganz besonderen Gruss an Dich nach Korea :-) Freue mich, dass Du es geschafft hast, dort ein Praktikumsplatz zu belegen.
iGEL (Administrator) #3
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Moin Eul-Soon!

Danke, ich bin gerade auf der Arbeit angekommen. Ich hoffe, du hast nicht zu viel zu tun und Spass bei der Arbeit.

Schönen Gruß aus dem kalten Seoul,

Offizieller / Meet-Korea-Twitter-Kanal:
karusseller #4
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Subject: Welcome!
Hello Saetbyul,
hope you've got a good start in Germany! Tell us something about your stay in Düsseldorf - what's your profession, where do you work, have you found nice flat, have you made some friendship yet...
Please ignore the mistakes in my English - usually I prefer German language.
I live in Stuttgart. Maybe you know this town, where the good cars are made: Porsche and Mercedes.
So long and good luck!
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