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tandem berlin
I will offer Korean, and I want to learn German.
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Subject: tandem berlin
I'm Sol-i, and 24 years old, female.
I'm looking for tandam partner who is German.
I came here Berlin 6 weeks ago.
I didn't speak German well, i'm beginner but i will do my best.
And, i'm sure that i will be a very good Korean teacher for you.
i'm very good at Korean, and i majored in Acting, and Korean traditional music in Korea.
Because it's not too long that i leave Korea,
I know a lot of recent things and culture about Korea well.
Please send me an e-mail anytime!
Wolfram #2
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Hello Sol-i,
just a tip: Hanmail cannot receive mails from German mail providers like GMX, or others. With Naver it is similar.  Yahoo and Gmail is no problem.
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What? I can´t write her an e-mail? Oh no, I´m lost forever... I´m really good in german and I´m living in Berlin. Well, my english is not the very best, but I want to try it. *.*
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