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Business trip to Stuttgart.. What is there to do?
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Subject: Business trip to Stuttgart.. What is there to do?
Hi everyone.. I came from philadelphia for 3 week business trip working for BOSCH waiblingen and was wondering what to do?  I'm going to Stuttgart either tonight or tomorrow for the christmas festival and bars but is there anything else?  Is there a Korean hangout around here?  Any korean community?  Is there a korean-american church around here?  Please advise

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Hi Jon!

I'm sorry, but I don't know Stuttgart at all. If noone here replies, maybe you have more luck asking the Korean Students Association Stuttgart (I havn't found any contact info on this site, but maybe I'm just blind). Next week, you might ask the  Korean consulate in Stuttgart:

Honorar - Generalkonsulat der Republik Korea
Sigmaringer Str. 107 , 70567 Stuttgart
Telephone: 0711 / 7189155

This seems to be a Korean protestant community:
Evangelische Koreanische Misionsgemeinde Stuttgart e.V.

목사 : 장호철
매주 일요일 : 10:00
Kronen Str. 49 , 70174 Stuttgart
0711 / 584788

Have fun & enjoy your stay. If you get any other information, it would be nice, if you post them here, so others coming to Stuttgart find them. ^_^

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