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Hallo :)
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hyerin #1
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Subject: Hallo :)
Ich bin Hyerin aus Korea und 19 Jahre alt.
how's my german? i am not good at it, but i can understand easy sentences.
i am interested in germany for some reasons. so i want to know there more.
i am pleased to have found here.
if you are ok, let's be friends!:D

Danke !
phoenix #2
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Hello nice to meet you :-)
I^m stephan, and also pretty new to this forum.
Would you mind to tell me why you are interested in Germany?

Hallo, schön dich zu treffen :-)
Mein Name ist Stephan, und ich bin auch recht neu hier.
Würde es dir was ausmachen mir zu sagen, warum du in Deutschland interessiert bist?
iGEL (Administrator) #3
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Hello hyerin, welcome on Board! ^_^

Ich hoffe, es gefällt dir hier im Forum. Wann hast du Deutsch gelernt? Hast du es in der Schule gelernt? Und warst du schon mal in Deutschland? So, das waren erstmal genug Fragen. ^_^

I hope, you like it here in the forum. When did you learned German? In school? And have you been to Germany so far? Okay, that are enougth questions for now. :)

Gruß, Johannes
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