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Korean native searching for job in Berlin!
Available from 19th of July.
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EunyoungP #1
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Subject: Korean native searching for job in Berlin!
Korean native searching for a job in Berlin from 19th July.

-Korean, English, Spanish fluent
-Seoul National graduate in Spanish & Spanish literature
-Experienced in research, translation and interpretation
-Very enthusiastic, confident and kind personality

Please let me know via PM if there are any vacant positions and I will send you CV and certificates.

Thank you very much!
Max Mustermann #2
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did you ever try to work in Spain:D ? Your degree does not matter to any company in Germany. Companies draft people by their skills and not by from where you graduated from, in addition I doubt anyone knows and cares about SNU outside of Korea. I recommend you to get a German bf or gf plus take intensive German courses for half a year and study the brain out of your head and then try it again.

Or if you are that fluent and professional, why dont you work in Korea? You probably know that Korean companies invest billions of Euro into Latin America. I guess they need smart guys like you.

Anyway, dont wanna discourage you. If you really want, you will get a job, even in Berlin, but dont go for the cheapest deal, select your job wisely! good luck.
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