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is it hard to find a casual job in Germany?
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Betreff: is it hard to find a casual job in Germany?

I'm new here. I'm planning to go to Europe with working holiday visa. As a New Zealander(I'm Korean born New Zealander), i can get 2 years working holiday VISA for UK. I'm thinking about going to Germany for about 3-6 or longer if i can get working holiday visa for Germany as well. The question is I don't speak any German. I might have to study German eventually before I go. but with very limited language skill, what sort of job can i get in Germany? I work in a bank and speak fluent English, Japanese and Korean though.(but not German)
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I lived in Duesseldorf until May of this year.
There is a japanese bank (mitsukoshi???) and many japanese hotels (e.g. nikko) and restaurants.
Maybe you can try it there.

Anyway I think it is difficult. At least if you want to work in a restaurant or pub you should know some german, even though there are some Irish Pubs. But some of the guests will order in German though.
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I'm not that familiar with the working holidays Visa. I guess, the more time you are willing to spend on a job, the better your chances are. In your case I would try to apply at a Korean or Japanese company in Germany, so you can benefit from your language knowledge. But if you just stay for some weeks, the chances are not so well, I fear. If learn some German, I guess you could work at a restaurant, too.

Good luck! If you have further questions, don't hesitate to ask. ~~

Regards, Johannes
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Moskito (Ehemaliges Mitglied) #4
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I also agree - you will only have a chance in a company, that can profit from your language skills.
I have a Chinese friend in Germany and she started to work for Chinese shipping company (COSCO). They accepted her without much German knowledge.
So you should find out about Korean / Japanese companies if you want to have a chance.
In terms of banking I guess that Düsseldorf and Frankfurt are maybe a good choice...

But if you only stay for some months they might consider you as a "Praktikant" (something like trainee) and you won´t get much money for it...

Consider that unemployment is very high in Germany at the moment (approx. 10%). So there is no lack of workers. (Except in some fields like engineering).

If you have some more specific questions I am happy to help

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What kind of jobs are you looking for? I don't think that you can get a hig qualified job for that short period of time. But you might work for hotels (in Berlin, Frankfurt, Muenchen) or pubs or as a translator? If you work as an intern you probably don't get much money (but that depends) but in the case you earn money you might not have much free time for travelling etc.
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Betreff: thanks!
thank you for answering my question. i actually don't really mind getting any kind of job. i prefer banking job because that's what i'm doing now, but i don't even mind doing some farm work. i'm thinking about going to UK by working holiday visa. it allows me to work in UK for 12 months and after that i have to travel around UK and europe for another 12 months. if i just enter germany with UK working holiday visa(it allows me to go and stay anywhere in europe for 12 months), would i be able to grant a working permit or something similar in germany? i mean it's only if i find a job there.
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