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what is different?
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Hisblue (Guest) #1
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Subject: what is different?
these are only sentences that i know:

"Ich liebe dich", "Ich habe dich lieb".

but i don't know what difference is. Just difference of linguistic sense?
Hong Hu #2
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Hi Hisblue

"Ich liebe dich" mean: I love you
You say it only to the person who loves you.

"Ich hab dich lieb" mean: I like you very much
You cann say it to a friend. But not man to man, because this would be a little bit gay ;)
But girls can it say to each other. And man to woman or woman to man. It means, that you like the person very much, but not love......a little bit difficult......did you understand it?

Moskito (Former member) #3
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Ich habe Dich lieb

This sentence is very commonly used between parents and children also.
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