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it`s first time
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Hisblue (Gast) #1
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Betreff: it`s first time
Hi there.

I am bu who is Korean, but in Japan. it`s first time to wrie somthing in this board(of course, it`s first time
to visit this site). interesting.
i was really surprised when i found this site.

i can`t speak german language, so that i didn`t understand what was writed, but i like this site.
i am interested in German, Germany...
and i hope to meet and make many frieds through this site.

Martin #2
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Betreff: Welcome :-)
Welcome Hisblue !

If you have any Questions about Germany or German Language dont hesitate to ask !
Wow!, you are Korean but living in Japan!
Did you grow up there or are you just study there?
I have been to Japan several times for private and business matters but my Japanese is only mama desu :-)
Anyway, Welcome to the Board and have a nice Weekend :-)
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Hello and welcome, bu! ~~

Nice to meet you. Have you ever been to Germany? What is the most interesting for you about Germany?

I hope, you feel comfortable here. If you have any suggestions, just tell me. :)

Regards, Johannes
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hisblu (Gast) #4
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Betreff: :-D
well, i live in Japan for about 2years for my study(but My major is not Japanese). i met some german peole and became to be friend in Japan. through life with them, i caught some perculiarities of them and this was starting that i have interests about German. these perculirities are interesting for me, of course.
besides this, i like German writers and recently listen to the band " Wir sind Helden".
Moskito (Ehemaliges Mitglied) #5
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Hello hisblu,

it seems that you have a very good taste of music :-)
"Wir sind Helden" is really a good German band.

Do you have any examples for German peculiarities here?
It would be very interesting for me to see how people from other cultures see Germany or the Germans.


Moskito (Ehemaliges Mitglied) #6
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Hi hisblue,

one more idea - if you want to learn more about germany you can watch the following TV-program in the internet:
(Deutsche Welle)

It provides Radio and TV from Germany and Europe.
Every 2nd hour they broadcast in English. Due to time delay it´s a little bit difficult to find out their schedule, but just try it.
Every full hour they will show the news, every half hour they will show a report, e.g. on events in Europe, German contemporary music, German culture, German cars etc...

Maybe you like it.

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