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KBC Frankfurt (KOTRA)
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Subject: KBC Frankfurt (KOTRA)
Contact KOREA (from KOTRA, Frankfurt)

Dear Madam/Sir
Hello. We from KOTRA (Korean Trade-Investment and Promotion Agency), Frankfurt.
As you may already know, in cooperation with Korean government and related organizations, we, KOTRA fully supports Korean companies searching for foreign professionals under the project name of Contact KOREA.
First of all, we would be very pleased if you are interested in professional career within us.
I am the person who is in charge of Contact KOREA in KOTRA, Frankfurt and sending this E-mail to update your career information in our system, since it has been passed quite a long time that you had enrolled our system uploaded your resume.
To enhance the accuracy and efficiency in our program and better service for global talents (job seekers) and our client companies (employers), we’re conducting this research.

We would like to know whether you are willing to register yourself as a candidate position, posting your resume on our website of Contact KOREA
If you agree with this, we, KOTRA will support you to have great opportunities of working in Korea by providing a one-stop service and do matchmaking service whenever we get job vacancies from our client companies, as it is now. Upon your request, we can also delete your application data on our system. 
Personal information on all resumes will be private on our website under the privacy policy as well. Then we look forward to getting your answer per email. We would very appreciate if you give a reply at your earliest convenience.
We hope that our service would be helpful for your further career developments and will make great efforts to assist you to steer your careers towards Korea.
We are also happy to answer any individual questions you might have.
Thank you for your kind attention.
Best regards,
Hoseop Lee
Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA), Frankfurt
Mainzer Landstr. 27-31, 60329 Frankfurt am Main
Federal Republic of Germany
TEL 49-(0)69-2429-9214 | FAX 49-(0)69-25-3589 | EMAIL:
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