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서울 모임 2011/Aug/27 토요일
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Heebeom #1
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Subject: 서울 모임 2011/Aug/27 토요일
Dear All,
As mehr is not in Korea, I would like to host the meet-korea forum for both August and Sept at the same time on his behalf until Oct.

Thus, I would like to change the date from Sep/03 to Aug/27, which is one week earlier than as scheduled.
As is, it will be held in Itaewon. If you join the forum, that would be highly appreciated.
If you have any question, please feel free to leave message or you can send me email :
The forum is for social activity. In particluar, we are warm welcome those who are interested in either Korean or German Culture,langage and MISC. Also, if you would like to meet new people to get on in Korea,  you can either feel free to join and kill the time at Saturaday evening with us.
 Thank you very much,
The detail information is as below:

Der naechste Seoul-Stammtisch findet voraussichtlich statt am:
27. Aug (Samstag), 18:00 Uhr - 20:00 Uhr
 im Club Pearl, Itaewon-dong 126-16
 Ich werde zur oben genannten Zeit anwesend sein. Wer da ist ist da, wer will kann sich auch im Forum ankuendigen.
 Viele Gruesse,
  다음번 8/9월 서울 모임은 2011년 8월27에 동시에 할 것입니다.
 날짜와 시간 : 8월 27일(토), 18:00~20:00
 장소 : 이태원동 126-16, Club Pearl
  지도 :
 그 곳에서 뵙겠습니다.
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Hi Heebeom!

I replaced your post with the new one you wrote, so nobody gets confused over two meetings. Hope thats fine with you.

Regards, Johannes
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qwertzu67 #3
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Schade... an dem Tag kommt leider Besuch aus Busan. Mal schauen, ob ich zumindest kurz vorbeischauen kann ^^
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Danke, heebeom.  :-)
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