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Learning Korean in Busan
Ich möchte Koreanisch in Busan lernen
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Subject: Learning Korean in Busan

I have already posted here before - but I think the meeting place is maybe best for this topic...I am trying to improve my Korean - and it would be good to find someone in Busan who could teach me some Korean (I can teach German or English instead) - or who can give me some good advice how to find a language teacher over here. I am bascially only available in the evenings or on the weekend.

I´d really love to learn some more sentences - so that I am e.g. able to drive in a Taxi without making wild gestures to the driver ;-)

Any hints welcome!


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Hallo Moskito!

Ich würde es an deiner Stelle auch in Deutsch schreiben. Die meisten Koreaner hier verstehen Deutsch, aber eben nicht alle Englisch.

Gruß, Johannes
PS: Habe das Thema mal ins richtige Forum geschubst. ~~~
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