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N2BF is recruiting more members
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Subject: N2BF is recruiting more members
N2BF(Not Native But Fluent) in GangNam is recruiting more members

N2BF is, as the club name shows, an English conversation club where people gather with the same goal to speak fluent English not being native speakers.

We are looking for new members who have upper intermediate command of English with the requirements below. If you are interested, please email us with your information as follows at the email below.

1. those who have upper intermediate command of English both in writing and conversation and are willing to improve their English.
2. those who seek for self development and have mind-set to challenge something new.
3. those who are willing to spare their evening to study English during week days.
4. those who are open-minded to meet new people and to discuss different ideas by sharing new information.

**How the gathering goes** (for 2 hrs only English is allowed to speak)
1. English expression session (50mins)
:each member prepares for English expressions from EBS Power English or other sources and share them with other members.
2. Discussion on current issues (Free talking for 50 mins)
3. Quiz session for English expressions (20 mins)

**Time**: every Thursday evening from 8 to 10pm (2hrs)
**Place**: Cafe which is at 5 mins walking distance from SunReung Station in line no. 2.

**Your information please**:
1. your name
2. what do you for a living
3. your interests
4. brief self introduction
5. how fluent is your English from your own point of view?

If you email us, we will ask you to go through a brief English interview on the phone. When you get passed you can join us. We will be waiting to hear from you. ^^

Thank you

email to :
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