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Chuseok Madness 2010 Autumn Festival (Seoul)
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Subject: Chuseok Madness 2010 Autumn Festival (Seoul)
Chuseok Madness 2010 Autumn Festival

September 22nd(Wed), 2010 / 14:00~20:00pm
National Theater of Korea, Cultural Plaza

※Performance viewing & participation: Free of charge

Wish to enjoy the abundance and fun of the Full Moon Festival?
Come to the traditional market unfolding at the National Theater of Korea!

A traditional market, not something you could experience through television, will take place at the National Theater of Korea at Namsan, on the afternoon of the Full Moon Festival, just when the entire family starts feeling dull. You can taste the various types of food made in traditional braziers and caldrons, meet the rice puffs seller of your childhood memories, enjoy the joint performance of B-boys and folk farmer's music, and see the astonishing stunts of the master of tightrope walking, Kim Dae-Gyun. What more could you wish for when you can come out during the national holiday to take part in the wrestling match for prizes and experience traditional farming and folk games with your children? Hurrah!

Performance Market (3:00pm~7:30pm)
- B-Boy vs Folk Farmer's Music Band
- Traditional Tightrope Walking Tightrope performer Kim Dae-Gyun (Holder of the Important Intangible Cultural Asset No.58)
-  Ganggang Suwollae (Korean circle dance)
- Wrestling Match (Apply to participate: Website information of theNationalTheaterofKorea/

Game Market (2:00pm~7:30pm)
- Experience traditional games: arrow-throwing, shuttlecock, top-spinning, puzzle, hoop, wagon, cart
- Experience traditional farming: thresher, winnow, mortar, coolie rack, making a crop bunch

Food Market (2:00pm~7:30pm)
- Boiled rice in soup, Korean pancake Songpyun (Cooked in traditional brazier and caldron)
- Traditional Rice puffs, Omija tea, Persimmon punch
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