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So let me try to introduce myself too.
How I can discribe?
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Betreff: So let me try to introduce myself too.
Moin moin together.
My name is Friedhelm, german born, living in Mölln in the near of Lübeck near Baltic Sea.
I dont know anything about Korea. But- I planed to go there in the next 5-6 weeks for maybee two weeks at first.
Do you tell or e me something aubout Korea. How to handle korean People. I know in Thailand are some special thingswhat you should not do. Par Example, dont Streichel ( sorry I dont know the english word) a Child over the head. Is ther in Korea something what I should ot do?
Whats about the prices, and and and..........?
Best regards
and allways a Handbreit Bear, or whatever you like in your glas.
Friedhelm :-)
P.s. Sorry it is not possible to log in. Always mistakein Internet Explorer. Normal ID is dreamskipper
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Hi Friedhelm!

Nice to have you here! :) I don't know, if it's okay to stroke a child over the head, but I don't think it's a problem.

Thinks you shouldn't do:
- Don't give or take things with your left hand. Always use your right hand, if you want to be friendly, support your right hand with the left hand by spaning around your joint (Umfasse das Handgelenk der rechten Hand mit der linken).
- Don't blow your nose! If you need to, turn your head away and wipe of the slime with a handkershief or napkin.
- Disrespect older people. You don't have to bow to everybody on the street or something like that, but if you meet a group of koreans, it's good to greet the oldest first or to fill up his glas, if you drink with them.

Of course there are many other things, which are different, but Koreans don't exspect you to know them. If you show interest in the Korean culture, I guess they will forgive you many things. Koreans are usually very interested in western people, so you shouldn't have any problems, unless you behave like a real ashole.

Prices are not that different, as you might think. Food is cheap except for beef, milk or other stuff, which needs to be imported. Department stores are quite pricy. Stuff on the markets is cheap, but the quality is sometimes not that good - check the stuff before buying. Public transportation is also really cheap, for example you can reach most destiantions in Seoul for 900 Won (73 Cent) with the subway.

I suggest, that you learn to read Hangeul, the Korean script. It's easy and helps you alot (for example in restaurants). You should be able to learn the basic within 4 or 5 hours, and repeat it on the flight to Korea. Here a course on the Internet:

Maybe I can give you more tips, if you tell us, why you going to Korea and where you go to. Have you already persons, who will show you around?

PS: Kannst du mir noch erklären, was beim Login nicht klappt? Kommt eine Fehlermeldung, hast du das Passwort oder die E-Mail nicht richtig eingegeben oder meinst du, die Software ist nicht in Ordnung? Ist kein Problem, wenn du hier als Gast schreibst, aber ich würde den Fehler ggf. gern beheben. :)
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Betreff: korea and whatnot
hallo friedhelm....haha also erstmal ..."dont streichel..."....find ich super...hab ungefaehr 10 minuten auf m boden gelegen...^^ sorry ich hoffe du weisst dass das nich boese gemeint ist.....was ich eigentlich sagen wollte...ich bin neu hier, hab mich grad registiert, aber ich bin aus Luebeck, also falls du fragen zu korea hast, helf ich dir gerne.....lg, gisuk
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