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Tipps für Mai
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Subject: Tipps für Mai
One of big month in a year in Korea - May

I heard one of my german friend just knew that 5th of May is Child day just one day before evening. I think many foreigners don't know how many interesting days exist in May. So, please refer to 'Tips for May' and enjoy it.
Also, if you someone wanna know specific information more, you should send a mail to ''. But I DO NOT want to add me as a friend on MSN just for commercial.

May 5th : Children's Day (holiday)
May 8th : Parents' Day 
May 15th : Teacher's Day
May 21st : Buddha's Birthday  (holiday as Christmas due to Korean is equal to Gods :-D )

some special festivals

May 7th ~ 9th : Seoul Topokki Festival
                      AT center in Yangjae, line 3 Yangjae station.
                      Admission 2,00won. then, you can enjoy Topokki as much as you want!!
May 28th ~ 30th :  2010 Chicken Festival
                           AT center in Yangjae, line 3 Yangjae station.
                           Admission Free (hard to believe it!! )
  • Map : I made a map to AT center from Yangjae station(양재역), but I can't attach it on here. so, if you
           need a map, try to contact to me. I will send it to you by e-mail.

If you want to see children things today, you should go to some big places as Gwanghwamoon. You probably can find many events.
Have happy May!! ^.^
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