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I am going to Seoul!
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Dirk (Guest) #1
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Subject: I am going to Seoul!
Hey guys,

I am going to Seoul from Janauary on. I would like to talk/get to know some people who are living there right now in advance.

So, if you like, please write me. My ICQ number is 170-581-089

I am looking forward to hearing from you


iGEL (Administrator) #2
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Hi Dirk!

Sorry for the late reply. I was in Korea until the day before yesterday and really wanna go back. I think it might be a good idea, if you contact some of the guys, who write a blog about there stay in Korea right now. Take a look at the Links.

I guess it will be easy to get contact other foreigners in Korea, if you are already there. Just go to Hongdae on the weekend or check in for some days into a cheap travellers hostel like the Traveler's A. I met there some people who studied for a longer time in Korea or made an intership in a company there.

Hope, I could help.

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lol (Guest) #3
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Subject: I am glad you are visiting Seoul
Hello I am a girl who lives in Korea.
I wonder if you have booked where to stay while you are in Korea.
I am the one who is eager to meet foreigners and I currently work in the accomodation which is clean
and quiet. Even though we don't have any foreigners(as our accomodation is for Korean), we'd love to
have you here.
This is our website. That is writed in Korean but you sure can see the pictures of our accomodation.
If you have any inquiries, please do contact me.
010 5145 6110 anytime
032 328 3229 from 9:30 till 6
Soju #4
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Thanks a lot for the Information :-)
Looks Perfect ;-)
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