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Free Trip to Uljin
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Have you ever heard of or been to ULJIN?
Uljin is a town, which rejects artificial touches and treasures primitive features.
Uljin is filled with tourist attractions, blessed with natural resources.
The clean, blue East-sea, majestic caves, the mountain valleys and fantastic falls will entrap tourists.
Also, ULJIN is hosting the 2009 Organic food EXPO from July 24th to August 16th.
Please refer to the website address to learn for more information.
We, GPA at Jeonju University, are providing a tour service on the 9th of August (Sunday), it includes the transportation, the entrance fee, and lunch.
If you are interested for visiting the town of Uljin, please contact us by call at 010-9496-8353 (JEFF) or email to
and make a reservation.

*Departure can be arrange from Jeonju or from other cities.
*Please email or call for more info
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