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What’s Happening To Eugene Park?
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Subject: What’s Happening To Eugene Park?
Eugene Park is an US-born, Korean violinist who, by most people’s standards, can be called a genius. Born in the United States in 1976, he entered Julliard at the age of 8, and has been noted as one of the best violinists of the decade. He has released two albums, one in 1997 and the other in 1998. He came to Korea, his home country around 1998 and was called a national hero by the media. However, he has disappeared from media since a few years ago. Recently, Korean fans have found out that he has been exploited and manipulated by his agents in Korea. He has literally been imprisoned for several years and seems to have been forced to take drugs, which worsened his bipolar disorder and light autism. The medication made Park not play by his own will, but by the force of his agents. The CEO of his management company seems to have connections with the police and therefore the Korean police have not reacted in any way regarding this case. There is even talk that the CEO recorded a video of  Park without any clothes on. We, as Koreans, feel that this tragic reality must be handled not only by Korean media, but also American media as well.


Most Koreans know Park’s name from his overwhelming popularity in the late 1990s. Park was once a worldwide renowned artist who performed in Super Bowl, and some even regarded him as the next Vanessa Mae. He was invited to play at Michael Jackson’s concert in Seoul and even played at the Presidential Inauguration in 1999. This top performer is now suffering from exploitation, violence and abuse from his agent. His health is seemingly in danger. From the videos of him performing on stage throughout this year, one can see the impact his health condition has made in his performances. The difference between his performances before becoming mentally unstable and after is stark. One example is the clear difference between these two performances of the same song:…,…. In the latter performance, Park seems to have trouble just keeping up with the beat. This performance was right after Park was beaten and locked in a room by his agent. His agents’ abuses have caused Park to become mentally unstable. It is hard for us to find out exactly what state Park is in current because there is no way we can reach him. However, there have been assumptions that Park has been taking medication to help with his instability.


Park’s agents seem to have taken advantage at the fact that Park is an US-born, 2nd-generation Korean who has limited knowledge about Korean culture. They have locked Park in a room, only letting him out to play at small concerts and events. The concerts that he has been playing at are small in scale and usually poorly planned out. The agent, or "manager," as Koreans call it, is taking advantage of Park's weak health. From what many Koreans have seen from video clips of his latest performances, Park's passionate and inspiring performances are nowhere to be seen, and what we can only see is his blank stares and his hitting wrong tunes. This is not because he has suddenly lost his potential, or because he is not a passionate musician anymore; it is because of the current situation he is in, the continuous abuse of his agent and lack of help from outside. We are sending out this message to the world because we do not want this shining star to lose its light. We want him back to the place where he is supposed to be standing--be it Carnegie Hall, Sejong Art Center, a top TV music program--rather than the decrepit stages on which he is forced to play. We hope to publicize Park's current situation so that more Americans, not to mention the world, will know what is going on with this Korean-American artist. Park came to his home country to find his roots and perform in front of the Korean audiences, and certainly he does not deserve this kind of treatment.


It is impossible to get Park out of this horrible situation without foreign help because of many reasons. First of all, he is a second generation Korean who is not completely fluent in Korean, making him an easy target for his agents to take charge. Also, Park’s father passed away a few years ago and the rest of Park’s family is currently in the United States. His management company is so heavily involved with Korean mafia that it is hard for the police to intervene. Because of these reasons and others we do not yet know of, Park is chained to his management company as he has been for years. He is not even healthy enough to play on stage, yet alone record a new album. It is sad to see such a bright star fade away by outside influence, and as his fans who remember him playing his violin on TV, we want to help in any way we can.


Even though we are Koreans who are proud to have such a musical genius such as Park in our country, we feel that he needs help, most importantly help from Americans, to get out of this devastating situation. Park is an American citizen who came to Korea because he loved his home country, and it is sad to see him get betrayed by some of his own people. We ask you to help Park become a shining star once again
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If he's American, why didn't he contacted his Embassy in the first place?
I am sure they could have helped him out somehow in the first place.
BTW, there's an Article about him in the Korean Times today and it say's at the End that he's with
"Dream-line Entertainment" now and that he's safe and sound..
Never heard about this Guy but hope that things are finally getting better for him in the long run.

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