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Looking for a German-speaking friend!
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Subject: Looking for a German-speaking friend!
Hi. My name is YD.
I wanna study German for about a year before I go to Germany.
Ive learned German language in high school for two years but that's all and I almost forgot it.
I'm interested in Germany and German that's why I'm planning to go see there.
I guess it's quite tough to find German here in Seoul.
So, if you are also interested it Korean, PLZ contact me to
I'm 27 year old female working Mon to Fri 3.30pm to 9.20.
If you can help me with your language besides the time.....Drop me a line.
Auf Wiedersehen! (is that right?)
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Hi YD, welcome on board! ^_^

I'm not in Korea yet, so if you find somebody else, it would be better. But if you like to, you can contact me via MSN or another instant messenger. My address is in the lower right corner of this post. :)

"Auf Wiedersehen" is correct, but I would use it only in person, because the meaning is "Hope to see you again". And it's a bit formal, to friends I usually say "ciao" or "tschüß". You can write that under you post. Since you probably can't type ü und ß, use ue and ss. Every German understands tschuess. :)

Gruß, Johannes
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