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Peace Cup that I'm so waiting for.
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Joon Gi #1
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Subject: Peace Cup that I'm so waiting for.
 Yeah. Peace Cup is coming. I can get to know from placards and posters in Seoul! It's very good purpose to get long with other continents.

 Is your country still loving soccer? I see many countries these days don't like soccer anymore. Somebody said it's a girl sport! (What the.. :))

 However I don't know the first thing about that cup like when, where, versus who, and so on. Think I gotta visit or something like that.

 Will you guys come over to KOrea?? for the game? I really wanna see people get along whereever they are from, and cheer each other's team.
Don't you think it's so beautiful?

 I wish this forum be activated!

Joon Gi in SEOUL
iGEL (Administrator) #2
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Hi Joon Gi!

Great to see that a Korean found this forum! Welcome. :)

I'm coming to Korea this summer, but not for soccer. I don't like soccer at all, but it is still the most popular sport in Germany. Maybe you should ask gianola82, he has posted a note about the Peace Cup and told us, that he will be in Korea from Juli, 17th. Looks to me like he wants to see the games. :)

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gianola82 #3
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Subject: Peace Cup
hi Joon Gi

Yeah im gonna be in Korea Monday in a week for 3 months and im planning to join some matches. Actually, i booked a seat for the final in Seoul and may go to other matches if possible.

If you are interested to chat a bit about soccer or korea, you can email me.

take care

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