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급히 번역부탁 드립니다.
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Judy (Guest) #1
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Subject: 급히 번역부탁 드립니다.
양복일을 하시는 분들이 연구소를 하나 만드는데 간판을 Das Zuschneiderinstitut라고 할 수 있나요? 또는 Mueller라는 이름을 같이 넣고자 할 때는 Das Mueller-Zuschneiderinstitut라고 해야 하나요? 급합니다. 좀 도와주세요..

Please help me to translate one special name. How can you say for "an institute for tailors" in German?
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Hello Judy, welcome on Board! ^_^

The direct translation of "An institute for tailors" is "Ein Institut für Schneider". But you can also say "Eine Schule für Schneider" (A school for tailors). Unfortunaly, Schneider is a very popular name in Germany, so I can't use google to find out, if there is such an institution. :(

I coundn't read your Korean, but Zuschneiderinstitut sounds very strage to me. Possible would be Schneiderinstitut.

Hope that helps...

Regards, Johannes
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Judy (Guest) #3
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Subject: Vielen Dank
Thanks for your quick reply.
Sani #4
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Hi Judy,

어떤 일을 하는 곳인지 설명을 곁들였으면 좋았을 것 같네요. 사실 연구소랑 양복 짓는 거랑은 거리가 좀 있어 통 감이 오지 않거든요.

Reguards, Sani
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