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Wearing heels in Germany?
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delphinchen #1
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Betreff: Wearing heels in Germany?
Good afternoon everyone!
Today I'd like to ask a question to you who live in Germany and also happen to like occasionally wearing heels like I do. Can any of you tell me where you can get the old rubber bottoms of the heels replaced to the new ones? Does any of you know a place where you can get it done in any big cities, like Berlin or Muenchen?

In Seoul, you can usually find those places on the outside of a subway station alongside the place where they copy your keys or stamps. Since this is my first time visiting Germany, I couldn't help but bring this up on the public forum risking all sorts of possible embarrassment.

I'd very much appreciate your answer.
Thank you!
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Hi delphinchen!

I don't wear heels, ;) but maybe I can help you anyway. You won't find these small shops in the street like in Seoul, but there is a similar thing. The best know possiblity is probably "Mister Minute". They have about 300 small shops in Germany, usually in bigger places like big shopping centers or trains stations. They do several things, like making keys or taking passport photos, and repairing shoes.

"Shopsuche" on the left means shop search, but it is a list of shops ordered by first letter the postal code of Germany.

Hope that helps,
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Antwort auf Beitrag #1
I am not wearing heels either but i suggest that IGEL's answer might be the best solution for you. However, as the son of a shoemaker I have to comment that the person at Mr. Minit or a similar enterprise most likely is not a skilled shoemaker. Normally he only had a crash course in standard shoe repairs. If you are not in a hurry I suggest that you ask local people for a "Schuhmacher". There are only very few around anymore but maybe you are lucky and there is someone near you. The drawback is that you most probably can't have your shoes repaired on the spot but have to leave them at the shop for a day or two.
Have a good time in Germany anyway.
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