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What a great website!
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Erik (Guest) #1
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Subject: What a great website!
 Hi. What a great website! I've never thought that someone might actually write a review on Korean films in german. That's awesome.

 I'm korean, but I live in America. I went to Summer school in Germany for a month, and it was just an amazing experience! I hope I could go back to Germany.

 Ich habe Deutsch fur drei Jahre gelernt, aber mein Deutsch ist sehr schlecht.. Ich will mehr deutsch learnen.

 anyway, great work! I love this website. :p
Carmen (Guest) #2
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Subject: Hallo!!! :-))
Hi Erik...,

also ich fand dein Deutsch gar nicht so schlecht...;-)
Wo genau in Deutschland warst du denn??

Grüsse aus Deutschland
Carmen :-)
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