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Catchy Firefox slogan?
Lets make a firefox ad :)
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Subject: Catchy Firefox slogan?

Noticeing the fact, that the Firefox is not that popular in Korea as in other countries (1.2% market share, compaired to Germany (25%) and Finland (33%)) and some similarities between the Firefox logo and the Taegeukgi, I thought it's time to make some advertisment ^_^ Here is my draft, but I still need a cool slogan. Thought of something like "Firefox - The Korean browser" (in Korean of course). Got a better idea? Tell me!


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My "rhyme - skills" aren't that good, but i will try my best.
So what do you think about something like "Firefox - a great country needs a great browser" :D
okok, i know, that was a bad one, but i dont have any better now.
Maybe i will edit my post later ~
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I don't have any idea too, but in my head there's something like

"Firefox unites only the best"

I focus on the division of North- and Southkorea and also of the good functions Firefox offers...  ^_^
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