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Mission "Find Robert"
Mission possible?
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Subject: Mission "Find Robert"
Hi there!

I met this Foreign English Teaching Guy from Korea @ the Ming Dynasty Tombs in Beijing (Saturday, 23. FEB). He was attending a group of Korean Adults there. (Guess they where his students)
His name is Robert, he speaks with kind of American Accent & got this Kiwi look with this highly visible dimples! Unfortunately I have no other informations on him.

So, to sum it up: it came that we said good bye beeing in a tearing hurry and we didn't exchanged addresses!! No I feel awfully sorry about that fact as this has been a faitful encounter with Robert!
My matter:
How to find Robert out of the 30'000 foreign english teachers in Korea???

I already contacted the Chinese Consular in Korea to ask wheter they can check if a Robert applied for a Visa for China around 23. Feb, but unfortunately they have never respond to my eMail :(

Furthermore I'm trying to find the School wich organized a trip to China for their Students last month..

Is there someone out there with a better idea?
Someone who can help me on this???

I appreaciate every hint ;)

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Please don't post the same text over and over again. I deleted the other entries. Also I must ask you not to post any personal information about him like the full name or e-mail address (just first name is alright I guess). We just had a stalker here. If anybody want to contact mary, you can do so via the forum software:;action=email

Regards, Johannes
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