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mk_forever (Gast) #1
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Betreff: paradise
Hallo Zusammmen!!
ich kann Deutch sprachen nicht sehr gut.
so i want to talk about this themes in english.

i have a german friend who really interested in korea, so he visited korea 4 times and lived here.
i know him 1years more,,and i also think he is good man and smart.
but i was dissapointed when i heard his thinking about bad side of korea.
i know he really likes korean food, korean friends and korean tradition.
but he said korea is paradise for foreigners if they have enough money.
coz one can enjoy drinking with girls(clubs, massage rooms, night clubs, roomsalong etc)
and one can find girlfriend easily. people are nice to them.

i know that korea is bustle and hustle city day and night not like ur country.
i also visited europe twice,,i understand why ur people likes to big city like Seoul which is so entertained.
and we have many kinds of prostitue things for poeple..and have lots of place to fun.
but i am dissapinted,,is this true for foreigners?
do u also think korea is paradise?

The thing also i shocked is that he used to go to night clubs even though he has girl friend.
do u know nightclubs? it's different from clubs that u know.
i can understand that he goes to clubs with friends but i cannot understand of going night-clubs.
does he enjoy meet new girls in night-club?
maybe it can be cultural difference. I heard that night-clubs doesn' t exist in Germany.
but to me, it's too weird thing. coz korean we don't go there if we have girlfriend or boyfriend.

in thesethings makes me too far for him...
i don't know him now...maybe i think the view of foreiners quite different of mine.
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Hi mk_forever!

First, let me tell you, that we have night clubs, brothels and most kinds of these establishments, too. Prostitution is according to a saying the oldest kind of business and I think, it and similar kinds exist everywhere.

Like in Korea, it is considered a very bad behavior to go to these places if you have a relationship with another person. But those people exist everywhere as well. One year ago, we had a discussion about something similar with Korean man (here, but mostly in German). If your are in foreign country, it may be even easier to cheat his girlfriend. I feel bad about that, but I hope, you understand that this is not a normal or respected behavior in Germany! If one doesn't have a steady relationship, it may be okay, but once one got a girlfriend/boyfriend, you should be faithful.

So, what to do? If you have enough courage, you should tell him, that you disrespect his behavior. If you feel very bad about that, tell him, that you gonna tell his girlfriend, if you find out, that he does this again. But probably that will be the end of the friendship.

Hope, I helped you a bit.

Regards, Johannes
PS: I will move this topic to the "Allgemeines Forum - 자유게시판" soon. Look there, if you miss it here!
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