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Subject: Hello
My name is Yongtae who wants to know about German and thier culture.
I'm from Korea, but I've lived in America for 2 years,
'cause I've been studying at University of Texas at Austin.
I learned German when I was a high school student,
but since I graduated, I haven't had any chance to practice to speak German.
If anyone who is eager to share German and Korean(including laguage,culture, etc)
and hopes to make a good friendship, DO NOT hesitate to email me. 
I would be really appreciate it.

Here's my Msn address.
And if you have a facebook account, plz add me.
just type my name :  Yongtae Jeon.

Thank you for reading.
Have a nice day.
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Guten Tag! Ich stamme nicht aus Korea, aber bin ein Koreaner auch. Ich stamme nicht aus Deutschland oder Austria, aber spreche deutsch auch. Wollen Sie sprechen mit mir?
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