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Looking for an accomodation in Frankfurt am Main
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supermin75 (Gast) #1
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Betreff: Looking for an accomodation in Frankfurt am Main
Hi there,

I am a Korean and planning to stay in Frankfurt from 16th of November this year.
I will be studying German at "Tandem Language School" which is in Rodelheimer Bahnweg 31 from
26 November. If there is anyone either who can offer a room for me to stay or who can help me find out
the one, please contact me via following e-mail: ""

 I am a male, never married, non-smoker. get along with others well...
I can pay 200-300Eur per month. And I would like to stay with German family or flat mates.
Actually, nationality does not matter for me. But just because I need to learn German I think living in German environment would be great!
If you have any enquiry about anything please send me e-mail.
Thank you for reading this!

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Hello Min!

I'm not from frankfurt, but I know a good internet site for looking for flat mates. This page is in German only, I hope you get along:…?fuer=Zimmer…

Good German English online dictionaries are available here: and

Regards, Johannes
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