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Visual Confirmation
인증코드 어케 깔았어엽?
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acharabia (Guest) #1
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Subject: Visual Confirmation
안냐세엽~  한국말 됩니까?  언제쩍에, 작년 요맘때 phpbbkorea에 오셔서
인증코드 물어보셔뜨랬자나여?  지금은 깔렸네여?  이거뚜 phpBB에여?
"Verification code"  저거 어케 하신건지 졈 갈챠주시면 감솨여~  :-O

Hello there~  possible speank in korean here?  Maybe you came to
"phpbbkorea" oneday and asked about this "visual confim"
(=confirm passward for register)...  But you had done here now?!?! 
Is this forum also phpbb?  Thank you very much for you leanning
me how to installing this MOD or this methodology. :*)
iGEL (Administrator) #2
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Hello, acharabia!

Yes, wrote this posting at phpbbkorea, but I don't use the phpBB anymore. In my opinion, the phpBB is outdated and insecure, my server was twice successfully attacked by worms through it. Once it generated so much traffic in one night, that I had to pay 70 Euros extra that month.  8-( Now I use the Unclassified NewsBoard (I want to switch to the newest version this weekend).

The visual confirmation  is now integrated in the phpBB, no need to patch the forum anymore. I think, there is an option in the administration panel to activate or deactivate it.

If you have more questions, just ask!

PS: Yes, it is allowed to talk Korean here, but I don't speak it, so you propably won't get an reply.  :rolleyes:
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