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Help needed on translation
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Quote by cafid:
His name is Dylan.
I typed in "Bob Dylan" at google and ended up on this website:밥+딜런+(Bob+Dylan)@123294&BranchType=2

You see this coming back everytime: 밥 딜런 (Bob Dylan).
So with the Hangul alphabet next to it I thought that this 딜런 has to mean Dylan.

With this website:…?Subject=wri…

I made the above characters.

( Your probably laughing right now  :-D )

 :scared:   :-D
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Quote by luna:
딜런 = Dylan

also you have correctly translated 'son of the sea' ,' 바다의 아들' .
oh, and i like that calligraphic style. :-)

Thank you! So this have to be "son of the sea" in calligraphic style   ?

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