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German teaching position in Seoul
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Subject: German teaching position in Seoul
Hi there!

If you are a native German speaker, there is teaching job position in Jongro(종로), Seoul.
I am not the one who will employ but introduce a good school. The person you would work with is
Bum Sik Kim who has been teaching German in Korea over 10 years. He is a good man and wants to
have a native speaker in his school. Perhaps, both part-time and full- time will be available.
How I know him? I am one of his students.

If you are interested in this, I will help you know more of this and have this job.
My contact number is 010-7121-8559. (Please don't forget that I am in Korea now)
My e-mail address:

Good luck!

Dennis (Guest) #2
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i was wondering whether he is still looking for currently in korea and looking for something.
feel free to hit me few lines at
supermin75 (Guest) #3
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Subject: Please Look! The Position Is Taken.
Hi everyone,

I am the one who advertised the post above.
Since I lost my password, I cannot login to remove this ad.
Please be aware that this working position is no longer available.

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