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hi everyone!=D
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Subject: hi everyone!=D
hallo. ich bin marina. und lerne Deutsch.=p
Hast du heute Zeit? lol

well. haha. im not that good at Deutsch, though recently i am very interested at Germany.(:
so , i think this forum site is really nice to meet someone. haha. ich liebe German?  
hmm i tell you something guys.

i have 2 books about germany. one of book is textbook. and other is just Deutsch book.
i like germany band! like *tokio hotel und killerpilze! =D i think they're pretty famous, right?
hmmm , oh about my name [marina] my first german friend gave me. whoa. surprised! lol
[i have 4names including my korea name, paulette.paola.marina.mohee] france.italy.german.korea

oh well lastly? i will write something shortly =p
i love or crazy about

its hard to show about me just like this. anyway , i hope see you guys soon on msn?lol
well. nice to meet you. Danke! for read my post.

Bitte, Kommt! haha. and Bitte, schreiben Sie hier! (reply? lol)
ich bin marina, und lerne Deutsch=p
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