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Hallo/Hello/ 안녕하세요
Searching for (Korean) friends
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Betreff: Hallo/Hello/ 안녕하세요
Hello everyone!
I’m new here and I’d like to introduce myself a little bit.
My name is Rebecka but I prefer Becki. I’m 17 years old and live in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany.
I’m a student and after finishing school I want to study. At the moment I’m really in love with the idea of studying in South Korea, so I started studying the Korean language by myself.
I’m searching for Korean people (of any sex/age/religion/whatever..) who could help me to learn Korean. Of course I’d love to help you with German (or English) if you want to.
I have a wide field of interests that sometimes don’t match but that’s what keeps it interesting. First of all, I love music of almost any genre. I listen to BTS but also Rock/metal. Besides listening to music, I make music by myself - I love singing and playing the guitar.
Furthermore, I love reading and learning. I find joy in finding out about/learning new things and some people say I’m pretty clever.
I’m really interested in sports (especially dancing) and I love cooking.

If you share any interests or have the feeling that we’d go along pretty good, I’d really appreciate if you messaged me. You can contact me on the following advices:
Twitter: xbeckaju
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