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번역앱 성능 체크 해주실 한국 거주 독일인 네이티브
A Native German who can check our translation app in Seoul
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jesse #1
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Betreff: 번역앱 성능 체크 해주실 한국 거주 독일인 네이티브
1월 17일/18일 중 하루, 오전 11시에 삼성중앙역 인근 플리토 사무실로 와서 번역 앱 성능 테스트 해주실 독일인 네이티브 2명을 구합니다.
관심 있으신 분은 댓글을 남겨주세요.

날짜: 1월 17일 또는 18일
시간: 11:00AM
장소: 삼성중앙역 인근 플리토 사무실
수당: 90,000원

Date: Jan 17 or 18
Time: 11:00AM
Location: Flitto Office near Samseong-Jungang Station
Payment: 90,000 won

Participants will gather at the Flitto office at 11:00 AM and participants will be freely traveling around as tourists. Your tasks are as below;


1.     You will travel around restaurants, attractions, and recreation facilities, where tourists would visit during their trip, by taxi or bus using our automated interpreting app.

2.     While traveling, you will speak in your own language using the app and have conversations with Koreans (the app is a test version specifically developed for this project which will automatically record your conversation). In total, your recordings with Koreans must reach 100 sentences.

3.     Participants will have to try to avoid ‘general questions’ which other participants would have.

For example, we expect you to have conversations such as

“What are the local products of Bongpyeong?”
“Would you recommend me some nice restaurants where I can have good Raw Trout dishes?“
“Where can I take a shuttle bus to go to the stadium to see speed skating games?”

rather than “Did you have lunch?” or “How was your day?”

4.     When you are done with recording 100 sentenced conversations with Koreans, you will imagine possible conversations which tourists would have and record 50 conversations by yourself.

5.     In conclusion, your recordings will be 150 sentences (100 conversations with Koreans + 50 imagined conversations by yourself)

6.     After all the travel/recording jobs are done, you must complete a survey that we provide.


Participants will receive 60,000 won + 30,000 won(activity fee including meal and transportation fees) on the 8th.

Anybody who is interested, please leave your contact information.
Thank you
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Zitat von jesse:
날짜: 1월 17일 또는 18일
Date: Jan 17 or 18
Participants will receive 60,000 won + 30,000 won(activity fee including meal and transportation fees) on the 8th.

Please make sure that you write the information correctly. It should be 18th I guess, but I'm not sure.
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