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Korean language Class in Munich
Profesional teacher offers korean language classes for beginners and advanced (classes are in english)
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Betreff: Korean language Class in Munich
For those who are interested in learning the Korean language, I want to offer private lessons on a regular base. This could be as a preparation for traveling, to get closer to Korean culture(K-pop, film, etc), or for more ambitious skills of speaking and writing Korean.

My mother tongue is Korean. I got an official certificate to teach Korean to foreigners from Korea University in Seoul. I am a novelist and writer, and have published four books (in the Korean language) as a writer so far. I also have a Ph.D. degree in literature and history, and taught writing in Films and Literature department at the university for seven years in Korea. I enjoy teaching, and would be very pleased to help you to make first steps and to progress in the Korean language.

The exact content of the lessons can adapt to your needs. Also selecting textbooks depend on the student and aims you have. As my German is a very basic level, lessons must be held in English and Korean.

From my experience, it is best to always combine each teaching lesson with an extra-additional conversation unit. This conversation can be done by skype or mobile at any time.

If somebody needs different options, such as online teaching, only conversation lesson, etc. please ask me.

Here are 3 options of lessons I propose:

1. 45 mins (Lesson in person) 40€ + 15 mins talking for free (by Skype or others)
2. 60 mins (Lesson in person) 50€ + 20 mins talking for free (by Skype or others)
3. 90 mins (Lesson in person) 60€ + 30 mins talking for free (by Skype or others)

As I work as "Kleinunternehmer" I don't tax Mehrwertsteuer.
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