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Invitation to my concert....
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Subject: Invitation to my concert....
hi, name is Seijeong..
I met some memebers of here at last meeting..
well...I hope some can remember me..^^

anybody likes classical music?
I just notice my concert to you.
if you wanna come to this concert...then...reply on my post plz.

this is just Renaissance Cappella performance.
the leader and conductor who leads our team, Mr Chang studied Music Theory in Munster in Germany for 13 years. (He can speak German so much fluently)
and He teaches musicology in some universities at this moment.
The songs which we will sing in this concert are a little bit religious.

Renaissance Ensemble Cappella Concentus
The 3rd Recital Concert

음악감독: 장우형
Directer : Chang Woo Hyoung

2007년 4월 25일 (수) 7:30 PM / 대한성공회 서울 중앙대성당 (시청 앞)
April, 25th, 2007 (Wed) 7:30 PM/ the Anglican Church in Seoul (near Seoul City Hall)

주최: 카펠라 콘첸투스  (Cappella Concentus)
후원: 삼우플랜트

음악회 순서 Program

크리스토발 모랄레스 Cristóbal de Morales (1500?-1553)

1546년에 작곡된 모테트 중에서

- Intermission -

지오반니 페르골레시 Giovanni Pergolesi (1710-1736) - Duet

‘슬픔에 잠긴 성모’ 전곡 Stabat Mater Dolorosa 1736

For Soprano and Contralto Soli, Female Voices and Orchestra

Soprano: 이새롬
Contralto: 조유진

아드리아노 방키에리 Adriano Banchieri (1568-1634) - Madrigal - folk songs

사육제 목요일밤 만찬전의 축제(마드리갈 코메디) 중에서

Festino nella sera Giovedì grasso avanti cena

%%% I hope many ppl enjoy our concert ..^-^
have a nice day~~~

With happy virus...
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Würde gerne gehen...bin aber leider derzeit in Deutschland!

Alles Gute :-)
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